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A label for a chick who is just plain absofuckinglutely fantastic, who everyone and I mean EVERYONE including your mom wants to bang. She's just got that universal appeal.
Cameron Diaz is such a corrina
by Gabrielle October 06, 2004
one whose manner of dress is a combination of emo and prostitute
Joanne and Gabrielle are known to dress like emostitutes--wearing knee socks with short plaid shirts and/or boots
by Gabrielle December 24, 2003
a more politically correct word for midgets and other very short people
Neha and Sarah are so tiny, they are people mcnuggets.
by Gabrielle December 24, 2003
The amazing, super hot, well endowed boyfriend other girls wish they had.
"Oh my god!" Suzie exclaimed to Gabrielle "Your Jaemo is so tasty".

And Gabrielle thought to her self
"I know, I know...."
by Gabrielle February 27, 2004
intoxicated, drunk, off your face.

alternative meaning - on a sugar high.
After two shandies I was totally heened.
by Gabrielle April 23, 2003
fucking aka smacking bellies aka doing the wild nasty aka making the beast with 2 backs aka fucking.
i'm taking this bitch out tonight, and by 12:30 I plan on beating guts
by Gabrielle February 18, 2005
he or she who dispenses dirty rubs.
Anita is such a rubs merchant
by gabrielle September 10, 2003
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