The Best Food Ever.
Person 1: I haven't eaten in Days
Person 2: Have some Bacon
Person 1: Thats the Best Food ever!!
by I<3Bacon March 12, 2010
Email that you've signed up for, but now it clutters your inbox. Not spam, but bacon.
I need to unsubscribe from these email lists cuz I got too much bacon in my inbox.
by tlaffer December 15, 2009
The state of being awesome or extraordinary; used primarily by males. For the female version, see butter.
That movie was totally bacon.
by Ravenstone January 30, 2015
v. The present act of eating bacon. Can be used in past, present, or future tense: Ex. "baconing", "baconed", or "will bacon".
Tim: What are you going to do today?
Jim: I'm going home to go bacon!
Tim: Can I come too??
Jim: No way, get your own!

Sally: I baconed yesterday, it was delicious!
Sue: I'll be baconing tomorrow!
by pseudonym778 August 05, 2012
Sweet goodness, God has bacon for breakfast. He sits on a throne of bacon.
Mark Ch3 Vs4: Thee bacon fell from the sky, causing everyone to have a massive bacon party.
by Jimbobbybob February 21, 2012
A food substance of THE highest respectability. Bacon comes from the pig, and is measured in rashers.
It is perfectly acceptable to consume bacon at ANY time of day, accompanied by ANY other food substance (preferably more bacon), and is recommended by many doctors to be eaten for every meal to benefit the baconical lobe of the frontal cortex in the brain.
Overall, if you do not like bacon, you will probably die relatively soon - either from a baconical lobe deficiency, or from being lynched by all the worldwide bacon lovers. So there.
"Ewww no I don't like bacon."
"Well fuck you man. *Avada Kedavra*"
by WordSmithsies February 10, 2012
the cheese of meat.
Bacon is the cheese of meat.
by Time Enough at Last May 17, 2011

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