the cheese of meat.
Bacon is the cheese of meat.
by Time Enough at Last May 17, 2011
Short and simple

-Meat. Candy.
I'm hungry, mom! i want some meat candy!

Im making bacon right now honey!
by Blake lee sexy taco June 08, 2009
The most delectably amazing artery clogg-er that god gifted to earth in pig form.
I feel bad for Muslims and Jews because they aren't suppose to eat bacon.
by PineappleJuice March 15, 2015
The main reason you are not a vegetarian.
Bacon is tasty.
by MelonMan_ December 02, 2013
The Chuck Norris of food. It is usually just strips of fatty pork meat (sometimes turkey) that you cook and then shove, all at once, into your mouth. It's like meaty freakin' heaven.
Bacon is only delicious when it's cooked well, but just a TINY LITTLE BIT crispy. Any crispier and it'll feel like you're crunching rocks or something.
by HGF88 November 16, 2013
The most heavenly thing in the world.
John: What you eating?
Sarah: Heaven. A.K.A. Bacon
by ILikePancakes July 24, 2013
Pig meat (or turkey) sizzled to perfection, if u are hungry, its the ONLY thing on your mind. Like the t-shirt ad says; either you loke bacon or you're wrong!

The saltyness and the crispyness of da bacon makes it THE food of the well, um....... FOREVER!!!!!

Thank you God for giving thy bacon unto us!
by john jacob jinglehiemer schmit March 23, 2012

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