Current (as of Nov. 2007) president of the United States.
I would love to use George W Bush as an asswipe.
by Judy Sweetland November 17, 2007
1. A wet or dry fiberous material used to remove feces and dingleberries from a person's asshole.

2. A unreliable person who constantly annoys others with acts that would drive anyone's anger levels to "FUCKING PISSED!"

3. See one-upper.
1. "Son, we're outta toilet paper! Get me some asswipes!

2. "DUDE! Stop tapping me on the fucking shoulder, you fucking asswipe! Get away from me!"
by nUnya_dAmn_bIznis April 19, 2007
George Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfield, Karl Rove, Condi Rice
These Asswipes should be tried for treason!
by ElSea April 03, 2006
stuffs to wipe you ass with after taking a major dump.
Dard used up most of the asswipes after having issues with the food he ate the previous night.
by bob December 19, 2002
Someone who acts apathetically to others feelings, particularly around spreading derogatory rumors.
Dude: "Hey, rumor has it that you're a bit of a loose-cannon."
Me: "Rumor has it? Let's take it outside, ASSWIPE." (true story)
by drkull May 20, 2012
A person that rich snobs pay to wipe their ass after they take a shit.
(Snob, snaps fingers or rings a bell) "Oh, asswipe?!" (Asswipe) "Yes, sir?" (S) "Would you mind wiping my ass?" (A) "Not at all, sir."
by crazykrazyqrazy December 04, 2007
an obnoxious person,
a choadlike individual
what an asswipe,that guy is such an asswipe
by dave kite April 04, 2005

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