1.When one takes a poo,shit,dump,log,etc,he/she mostly uses something,usually toilet paper but mostly anything on hand to wipe ones ass.
2.A loser,who one thinks as much of as something used to wipe the ass.
1.Shit!Where'es the asswipes?!
2.Get a load of that dick.What an asswipe.
by c4/\/\ July 01, 2005
stuffs to wipe you ass with after taking a major dump.
Dard used up most of the asswipes after having issues with the food he ate the previous night.
by bob December 19, 2002
another word for dickhead,asshole or other slang words
guy 1 "dude that guy is such and asswipe"
guy 2 "total douchbag"
by scottyboyy64 March 11, 2016
A word used to describe someone, who could wipe asses as a job. They're an absolute nuisance to be around and constantly will annoy the crap out of you. The sight of this person will make you cringe and possibly make you want to kill yourself.
P1: "Dude he's such an asshole."
P2: "I think the word you're looking for is asswipe."
by agent.s October 27, 2015
a person who being or acting stupid in any type of way
"Stop being a ass wipe!"
by shesryda July 19, 2015
A person who is so stupid that they make the donkey look good (smarter than them).
guy 1: I know a guy who asked me how to do the same math problem about ten times.

guy 2: Some people never learn. What an asswipe.
by Edefiner February 10, 2015
someone who has a messed up personality, does the wrong thing, or stinks!
boy: why do you keep disobeying me?...and take a bath asswipe!
girl: really?
boy: lol jk
by luluknobetter January 03, 2015
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