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Someone who is good for a few things and only a few....
Bro' I told you to feed my dog; dog food not our food and make sure he use it outside not inside, your a fucking "ass wipe"....
by Tione June 02, 2009
8 7
A alternative to a curse word, I.E. shit balls hoes ass fuck dammit.

Use it to describe something so ugly,repulsive,disgusting,nasty,or just pissing you off that you'd use it to wipe your ass.

Usually said by 9th graders in California.
"Have you asked Johnny to the dance yet Sally?"
"No,I'm too shy."
by isaBALLA September 27, 2008
5 4
A person that rich snobs pay to wipe their ass after they take a shit.
(Snob, snaps fingers or rings a bell) "Oh, asswipe?!" (Asswipe) "Yes, sir?" (S) "Would you mind wiping my ass?" (A) "Not at all, sir."
by crazykrazyqrazy December 04, 2007
8 7
1. A wet or dry fiberous material used to remove feces and dingleberries from a person's asshole.

2. A unreliable person who constantly annoys others with acts that would drive anyone's anger levels to "FUCKING PISSED!"

3. See one-upper.
1. "Son, we're outta toilet paper! Get me some asswipes!

2. "DUDE! Stop tapping me on the fucking shoulder, you fucking asswipe! Get away from me!"
by nUnya_dAmn_bIznis April 19, 2007
5 4
Someone who acts apathetically to others feelings, particularly around spreading derogatory rumors.
Dude: "Hey, rumor has it that you're a bit of a loose-cannon."
Me: "Rumor has it? Let's take it outside, ASSWIPE." (true story)
by drkull May 20, 2012
1 1
Pronounced: ass-weep-pay

An honorary title given to a member of a group of friends (or tribe) who has most recently hurled in the presence of those friends. As another member of the tribe becomes asswipe, the title passes, and the previous person loses the title. Only applies when technicolor yawn is caused by over indulgence in consumption of food, alcohol, or recreational drugs -- not by sickness or other factors.

Often used to draw attention to and discourage bad behavior, and to penalize lack of self-control through peer humiliation.

Don asswipe: A permanent title for someone who assumes the asswipe title three times.

Origin: pennsic
Jaron became asswipe again last night! His puke was everywhere.

Ugg .. I'm stuffed .. if I eat another hobo pie, I'm going to be asswipe tomorrow for sure.

I see you are passing time with the green fairy, do you want to become asswipe again?
by MarcusNine August 23, 2008
3 3
Someone who was concieved as a result of "back to front" wiping after anal sex
I'm your dad Asswipe.
by BigRob78 December 30, 2007
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