an obnoxious person,
a choadlike individual
what an asswipe,that guy is such an asswipe
by dave kite April 04, 2005
a total fucking moron, that is stupider then the day is long
by nick125 February 17, 2005

1. An idiot or seemingly stupid individual. or someone who is just being an asshole.

2a). a device that has been used to
remove excrement from the anus.

2b.) a person who resembles in behavior, language or attitude

2c)a device used to remove excrement.

3. Someone you would wipe your ass with.
"He is so godamed stupid...... freakin asswipe.
("freakin" is always prior to "asswipe")

1) She used the poison ivy as an asswipe.

2) I can't believe he kicked the keg! What an Asswipe!

3. I have to shit, come over here steve!
by nameless October 29, 2004
1) Flaming and pissy person who won't shut up and generally makes a total ass of themselves.
2) Someone whose primary and sole purpose of existance is as a plunger.
3) Can be used as multiple parts of a sentence.
1) Newby is an asswipe, he just won't shutup.
2) Newby is an asswipe, he needs to clean the shit out of his ears.
3) Newby is such an asswiping asswipe, I can't asswiping believe that asswipe.
by oh that guy again February 09, 2004
A better pronunciation of the original real asswipes wont know what the hell you are talking about!!!
What's up asswipe ( AHZ-WEEP-A)
by ME October 15, 2003
undeserving of anal consideration

smelly like toilet paper

pejorative of anal uncleanliness
i can believe what an asswipe that guy is

u asswipe..clean up ur act!!!
by nanza63 November 09, 2010
Someone one who does stupid stuff.
My best friend is such an asswipe when he tries to be funny.
by Aprilbar January 20, 2010

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