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Another word for toilet paper, pronounced As-weep-eh.
John (talking on the phone): Hang on a second there, bill, I have to use a asswipe.
by Shabangshwa95<3 February 13, 2009
1. An idiot or seemingly stupid individual. or someone who is just being an asshole.
2. Lawbringer, a Paladin on the Daggerspine US server.
"He is so godamed stupid...... freakin asswipe, he once put a beastslaying enchant on a healing mace."

("freakin" is always prior to "asswipe")
by Archemedez November 02, 2007
a person you really hate

an object you use to wipe your butt
joel is an asswipe

i need an asswipe
by john shoemaker November 25, 2003
Someone or thing that likes to (or is used) to wipe one's bum.
Wow that napkin makes a great ass wipe. Damn, I always new Donald Trump's butler was an asswipe, but I didn't realize it was part of his job till I saw him cleaning his butt in the john.
by wank December 22, 2004
See Michael Moore. A complete waste of human flesh.
Who taught that asswipe to make a documentary. And why is there no truth to it?
by Odorus Glutenaie May 06, 2005
An intended mispronunciation of the word to keep the real asswipe off guard...
Hey OZ-WEE-PAY, get a life!!!
by Bomni February 08, 2005
Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton is Hillary's asswipe!
by Ima Feinlen February 07, 2004