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Generally used as a strong swear, Asswipe basically means that you are a worthless person used to wipe other people's asses. Thus meaning that you are a worthless piece of shit.
*playing Halo*
Guy 1: Ok, go get the Flag.
Guy 2: Fine. *gets on warthog*
*Guy 2 is killed by a Headshot*
Guy 1: My God! You fucking suck you Asswipe!
by CristWiiSquire August 22, 2008
sometimes a lame teenager who trys to be smart and brilliant. Most often than not, failing at it.
"I smoke weed and I'm a genious"
"No, I'm sorry, you're an ass-wipe"
by cheesebread August 26, 2007
One who is the same as a cloth that wipes the crap from my ass.
My husband is an asswipe.
by lgeorge April 29, 2006
A male who thinks very highly of himself and alternates through many girls in his town. Often has nice swag, spiked hair, parasuco tees, wear white belts and VERY attractive. They are also well known for standing girls up, once they have you for a week, they get bored move on never talk to you again and don't talk to you for a good month and a half.
"he is soooooooooooo fucking hot, but such an asswipe'
by foreignfantasy111111 May 04, 2011
1)one who wipes ass

2) A nother word for : Douche bag Guido Sibling Teacher Any fan/Memeber of the shit band BrokeNCYDE etc.
Ron: Sally likes to wipe my ass

Eric: Damn i wish a had an asswipe like Sally

Jorma: Look at those asswipe Guido douche bag retards giving each other blowjobs under-neath the hot dog stand

Akiva: Your typical asswipe
by FUCK BROKENCYDE FUCK YOU!!! August 03, 2010
A.K.A. Toilet Paper.
also known as a person who is just as shitty as a piece of toilet paper.
"Oh lord girl your such an ass wipe! Your B.O. is lingering and it makes me think.."
by Chelseyyy! January 09, 2010
A Person or Person who are so stupid or ignorant that they might as well be used to wipe up the crap off your ass.
The person who pulls out in front of everyone at an intersection even though the light was RED is an ass wipe.
by 1/2 Dead Already December 29, 2009