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What my mother calls me when she is mad.
Me: "Mom wake up I need some money"

Mom: " Why did you wake me up asswipe!"

by HarmonyNoelani April 20, 2008
Current (as of Nov. 2007) president of the United States.
I would love to use George W Bush as an asswipe.
by Judy Sweetland November 17, 2007
George Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfield, Karl Rove, Condi Rice
These Asswipes should be tried for treason!
by ElSea April 03, 2006
1.When one takes a poo,shit,dump,log,etc,he/she mostly uses something,usually toilet paper but mostly anything on hand to wipe ones ass.
2.A loser,who one thinks as much of as something used to wipe the ass.
1.Shit!Where'es the asswipes?!
2.Get a load of that dick.What an asswipe.
by c4/\/\ July 01, 2005
stuffs to wipe you ass with after taking a major dump.
Dard used up most of the asswipes after having issues with the food he ate the previous night.
by bob December 19, 2002
This word is used to define someone who is either A. Being a dick because you won't give in quick enough or B. Someone who is just a plain asshole.
Hey, you fucking ass wipe!
I'm on my period ass wipe!
by Tenorsax chick December 01, 2013
An asswipe is another word for a little bitch. When you don't feel like calling someone a bitch, you call them an asswipe. Asswipe can also be used to call someone a slut, a biotch, an asshole, and many other names.
Bry: God Sophia! Stop being such an asswipe!
Sophia: Sorry Bry, I won't be such an asswipe again.
by sophtoph June 18, 2013