An asswipe is another word for a little bitch. When you don't feel like calling someone a bitch, you call them an asswipe. Asswipe can also be used to call someone a slut, a biotch, an asshole, and many other names.
Bry: God Sophia! Stop being such an asswipe!
Sophia: Sorry Bry, I won't be such an asswipe again.
by sophtoph June 18, 2013
1)one who wipes ass

2) A nother word for : Douche bag Guido Sibling Teacher Any fan/Memeber of the shit band BrokeNCYDE etc.
Ron: Sally likes to wipe my ass

Eric: Damn i wish a had an asswipe like Sally

Jorma: Look at those asswipe Guido douche bag retards giving each other blowjobs under-neath the hot dog stand

Akiva: Your typical asswipe
by FUCK BROKENCYDE FUCK YOU!!! August 03, 2010
A alternative to a curse word, I.E. shit balls hoes ass fuck dammit.

Use it to describe something so ugly,repulsive,disgusting,nasty,or just pissing you off that you'd use it to wipe your ass.

Usually said by 9th graders in California.
"Have you asked Johnny to the dance yet Sally?"
"No,I'm too shy."
by isaBALLA September 27, 2008
What my mother calls me when she is mad.
Me: "Mom wake up I need some money"

Mom: " Why did you wake me up asswipe!"

by HarmonyNoelani April 20, 2008
What is used to wipe an ass... redundant
I used an asswipe to wipe my ass
by Sexy blonde chick December 30, 2014
Current (as of Nov. 2007) president of the United States.
I would love to use George W Bush as an asswipe.
by Judy Sweetland November 17, 2007
1. A wet or dry fiberous material used to remove feces and dingleberries from a person's asshole.

2. A unreliable person who constantly annoys others with acts that would drive anyone's anger levels to "FUCKING PISSED!"

3. See one-upper.
1. "Son, we're outta toilet paper! Get me some asswipes!

2. "DUDE! Stop tapping me on the fucking shoulder, you fucking asswipe! Get away from me!"
by nUnya_dAmn_bIznis April 19, 2007

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