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Euphamistic expression for an uncommonly colorful and forceful bout of projectile vomit.
After drinking 6 Tequeila Sunrises and eating a large Chef Salad, Al painted the car with his technicolor yawn.
by Al Caholic March 09, 2005
Colorful term for vomit
After eating ten plates of lasagna, I did the technicolor yawn.
by sala January 17, 2003
to barf, hurl, blow chunks, toss cookies, spew, pray to the porcelain God
suzie left her technicolor yawn schrapnel all over the men's stall.
by skank January 12, 2003
A glorified way of saying the word vomit.
Can I stay home from school today? I'm so sick that my Technicolor Yawn is covering the toilet seat.
by Jimmy Ray August 20, 2005
vomit(See alsohang a technicolor yawn)
Thats the kind of food that would bring on a tecnicolor yawn from my parents.
by Light Joker November 10, 2004
1. vomit

2 an instance of vomiting
That smell will bring on a major technicolor yawn.
#barf #earl #puke #technicoloryawn #throw a technicolor yawn #throw up #upchuck
by Light Joker April 15, 2007
the act of throwing up, most commonly alcohol-induced
Mikie slammed five tequilas after those Buds and then launched a technicolor yawn all over Vanessa's boobs.
#barf #throw up #vomit #purge #chunder
by Jim&Sally February 18, 2009
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