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Slang for cigarillo - a small narrow cigar which typically has the tobacco emptied so it can be refilled with weed to make a blunt.
Hey, sell me one of your chocolate rillos.
by Bomni February 08, 2005
Means not even close - nowhere near the truth of the matter.
Saying Madonna has talent would be a far cry from the truth.
by Bomni February 09, 2005
A place or situation that is open to both male and female sexes.
Co-ed dormatory, co-ed lockerroom, co-ed swimming pool, etc...
by Bomni February 10, 2005
A word used to describe your mouth.
Bitch, shut your cake hole!
by Bomni February 08, 2005
A PERMANANT EATING LIFESTYLE. Almost ALL Americans misconstrued (misinterpret) this word as a temporary change in eating habits to loose weight - such as a "protein diet"
Many Americans have a very unhealthy diet of fast food and pizza.
by Bomni February 08, 2005
1.Typically confused with being extremely caring, helpful and pleasant. Being from the area, I know it REALLY means that a Minnesotan won't slam you to your face - they do it behind your back so as to APPEAR nice.

2. Back stabbing
Describing your girlfriend as a slut to one of your best friends is considered Minnesota nice.
by Bomni February 09, 2005
Slang word geeks use to describe people that don't know how to use a computer
Mr Johnson, I think your system is having an I-D-10-T conflict. I'm not sure if we can fix it...
by Bomni November 19, 2004
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