The couple on "Saturday Night Live" who could not think of a name for their child.
"Package delivery for Mr. Asswipe." "NO! It's Ass-weep-ay"
by ToxicCherry August 29, 2003
Name of a person who (usually) has head inserted in ass. A dumbass.
I wish that asswipe would learn how to drive.

PULL YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS! You f*cking asswipe!
by osama bin jimmy July 19, 2006
1. toilet paper

2. a worthless or annoying person
I can't believe were out of ass-wipe.
by Light Joker November 26, 2006
A person who nobody likes who is either very annoying or is extremely rude.
A.W. -- Watch where you're going, bitch! I'm walking here!

You -- Maybe if you didn't take up the whole sidewalk, asswipe!
by blahhhtastic August 25, 2008
Pertaining to the word of a piece of toilet paper, this is used executively as an insult constantly in North America. The word uses the defenition of mostly the immatury of others.
"Your a total Asswipe dude"
"Dude, i filled a giant asswipe yesterday!"
by Cody Hesse January 25, 2009

When this word was coined in 1984 this is what it meant. It never meant anything about someone's ass or some piece of tool to clean it with.
Get out of here asswipe !
by clickhere July 18, 2006
Generally used as a strong swear, Asswipe basically means that you are a worthless person used to wipe other people's asses. Thus meaning that you are a worthless piece of shit.
*playing Halo*
Guy 1: Ok, go get the Flag.
Guy 2: Fine. *gets on warthog*
*Guy 2 is killed by a Headshot*
Guy 1: My God! You fucking suck you Asswipe!
by CristWiiSquire August 22, 2008

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