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v.- also "kick yo' ass"
1. To rare back your leg and kick, landing the kick on someone's ass.
2. To raise a foot and thrust down sharply, landing the blow on someone's ass.
1. I'm gonna kick your ass!
2. Don't gimme no sass, or I'll kick yo' ass!
by crazykrazyqrazy December 04, 2007
1. Combination of "ghetto" and "country."
2. Someone or something that possesses the characteristic of being in both low-urban and rural areas.
3. Foods that have also originated in both areas.
1. A rusted up farm truck with brand new spinners: that's ghettry.
2. A woman who constantly wears a Japanese-cut horsehair wig, a very short and dusty jean dress with brown boots: that's ghettry.
3. A sugar sandwich fried in melted sugar-butter: that's ghettry.
4. A mayonnaise sandwich (nothing but mayonnaise): that's ghettry.
5. The Shuga-Pressha Special; malted milk balls that have been battered with egg and cornmeal, deep-fried, coated in powdered sugar, deep-fried again, dipped in chocolate, deep-fried again, dipped in ranch dressing, deep-fried again, dipped in thick caramel, deep-fried again, and heavily sprinkled with seasoned salt and garlic powder: that's REALLY ghettry!
by crazykrazyqrazy December 04, 2007
v.-pronounced (SKID-uh-buh-LISH-us)
Full of skids.
1. They always burnin' rubber in the street, got it lookin' all skiddablicious.
2. Go wash them skiddablicious drawers right now!!!
by crazykrazyqrazy December 04, 2007
A person that rich snobs pay to wipe their ass after they take a shit.
(Snob, snaps fingers or rings a bell) "Oh, asswipe?!" (Asswipe) "Yes, sir?" (S) "Would you mind wiping my ass?" (A) "Not at all, sir."
by crazykrazyqrazy December 04, 2007
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