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Something drunk old irish priests say
Father Ted: "Would you like some more tea, father?"
Father Jack: "ARSE BISCUITS!"
by Chris "Kreejo" JJ September 23, 2006
originated from "father ted", often used in conjuction with the phrase bum-flaps
Oh bloody arse biscuits.
serves u right for being such a bum-flap.
by jimbo jones June 18, 2004
An arse biscuit is usually an insult, it basically translates as your the piece of shit, hanging from someones arse hair, thats gone crusty like a biscuit! Usually a word to insult a man, as women dont tend to get arse hair!
Your a fuckin arse bisuit
by Bobina July 05, 2005
A form of belligerent disagreement to a statement (see also "Bollocks!")
"I think Everton are going to win"

by Polecat Pete December 10, 2003
An exclamation of annoyance
Arsebiscuits, I'm completely fucked it up
by Someone who should know better April 01, 2003
An exclamation to erm exclaim when something does not go well.
Arse Biscuits! That landed on my foot!

Arse Biscuits! I failed my exam!
by wonderbra676 February 20, 2007
Noun; meaning Turd, the plural; "Arse Biscuits!" is most often heard as an expletive.
(Upon hitting hand with hammer) "Arse Biscuits!"
by Steve Bush March 16, 2004

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