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1. dried grapes
2.A pre-pubesent's girl's boobs
I saw a little girl's raisins.
by Part One February 20, 2004
Referring to women's brests that's soo flat that the only thhing that shows through are the nipples...looking like raisins stuck to her flat chest.
Yo man, that girl P, she's got raisins bro!
by G-Unit January 17, 2005
Any senior citizen over the age of 65. Usually found on bus stops, gym locker rooms, and retirement homes.
" These fucking raisins are stinking up the bus".
by AtmoSlug August 21, 2013
1-Food; bite-size dried fruit snack made by dehydrating grapes; could be purple/black or yellow depending on the color of the grape used

2-Slang; refers to a young girl's breasts, usually a female who has not yet went through puberty or a female who has small breasts
*See "South Park" episode where the guys take heart-broken and recently-dumped Kyle to a Hooters-esq club where pre-pubescent girls are waitresses and wear tight t-shirts that's called "Raisins" because of their breast size.
1-The company SunMaid is one of the world's best-selling brands of boxed raisins.

2-Why is it that fruit is often used to describe boobs? For Hooters-esq boobs, its melons and for the South Park ones its raisins.
"Hi, welcome to Raisins!"--Pre-puberty tight-shirt wearing waitress at club Raisins
by LoganLesnarMarvel June 09, 2006
a slightly wrinkled person, grandparent, and a person who has an air of common sense and niceness to them.
Little Jimmy said, "WOW susie, your grandmother is awesome!"
Susie, "I know she's my favorite raisin."
by mushyroom765 December 23, 2009
clitoris (I don't know where it's located but I hear it
smells magically delicious).
We bought Dolores's Raisin before she had any children.
The SM Raisin Girl sold it to us. She knows some people
in the Glitz Biz. Benjamin's son visits her house regularly.
Anyway, she's been sneezing 3 times a day since she was
14 (Drew disputes this).
by Jim Ference November 04, 2007
small boobs. another word for it is "mosquito bites"
"gross dude, she's got raisins"
by Tommy F. September 02, 2005
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