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small spherical lumps of matted faeces and arse hair, sometimes dangling on s single strand from the anus.
sheesh, just got back from having a particularly nasty "number two", gonna have clagnuts for sure.
by woodpidgeon September 19, 2003
1) amazing track by Aphex Twin
2) George W Bush
i cant believe that fucking windowlicker managed to swindle his way into office.
by woodpidgeon October 30, 2003
clagnuts, hairy raisins. dangleberries.
the accumulation of faeces around the anus, matted into the pubic hair. can often only be hanging on by a single thread of pube.
by woodpidgeon September 19, 2003
a ginger 'fro.

"Jaf" as in jaffa oranges.
"fro" as in Afro
Cob hasn't been to the hairdresser's in 5 years, and now has a huge Jaffro.
by woodpidgeon September 18, 2003
spoonerism of "bad skank", favoured by group of people in leicester, meaning "to be let down badly".
I got a pucture this morning, was 3 hours late for work and got the sack, what a skad bank!
by woodpidgeon September 18, 2003
someone who is "goofy".
ie. they goof up regularly.
James Rowell got a new diesel car and filled it up with petrol. What a goofer.
by woodpidgeon September 18, 2003
a bloke who acts like a woman. Can be applied to a lack of gaming skills, as in
I kicked Nathan's arse on xbox golf last night, he played like a complete womanburger!
by woodpidgeon September 18, 2003
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