The hot state the I lives in.
Good lord it's fucking hot in Arizona
by Scarlet September 12, 2003
This state is known for its beautiful sunset and sunrise, and theres like air conditioning every where you go so its not that hot. You get used to it.
I love Arizona !
by Luminaa August 24, 2008
The state that people visit during the winter time because the weather is nice.
Most Arizonans are immune to heat.
Penpal from other state: What's up? How's the weather?
Person from Arizona: Oh it's great! I can't believe it actually went down to 120 today.
Person: Huh? I can't even take my jacket off.
Penpal: *Catches on fire just thinking about it*

I (Zuki, the author of this definition) have lived in Arizona my whole life. I have also never left my house in the summer.
Too bad the only season in Arizona is summer.
by Zuki December 25, 2004
The state you should never move to, unless you go to Sedona or Flagstaff. Most people move to Phoenix, where I live, and most wish they were back home, like I do.
Weather: Can't go outside during summer break, heat exhaustion comes very easily while exercising. The months are nice in the winter, but you never get any actual cold or snow. There are some kick-ass monsoons every once in awhile, though.
Crime: Huge crime problems, especially with auto theft.
Education: We're 49th--or is it 50th now?--in education in the U.S.
Drivers: Drivers here are about 100x worse than California drivers; everyone speeds, runs red lights, and you hear ambulances rushing to accidents at least once a day.
Pollution: With virtually no rain or wind, the air is stale and doesn't move, thus trapping huge amounts of pollution in the Phoenix area.
So, if you're planning on moving here, I invite you; if more people are here, then there'll be less people in the nice places where I want to move back to.
Me: Arizona blows; I want to move back to Oregon.
My friend Sharon: Arizona fucking sucks, I'm going back to Chicago.
My mom: I want to live somewhere that actually has trees.
Everyone I know: I'm getting the hell out of here once I can.
My stepdad: I love it here (he's always been a bit odd).
by Cosima Muija January 22, 2009
its hot as hell in arizona! most of the state is desert, but northern arizona has the rockies and its fucking beautiful near flagstaff; phoenix and tuscon are 2 megaplex cities w/ most of the population; 'zona is famous for hot weather, drugs, and mexican migrants
its so fucking hot in arizona!
by StatesDude April 03, 2004
1.)an otherwise uninhabital state if it weren't for the invention of the air conditioner

2.)We're california's unwillingly go to die

3.)sand trap where immigrants and people in general get lost in search of california
1.)my AC broke ahhh! *Catches on fire*

2.)what! this isn't the way to vegas *catches on fire*

2.)this isn't california *catches on fire*
by blah November 14, 2004
Arizona is hot, sometimes miserable, but from late october to late march, its fucking WONDERFULLL. Usually the highs are around 65 to 75 degrees, occasionally up in the low 80s. We used to have amazing real estate until the economy went to shit. Other then that, very beautiful houses. The vibes you get from people are amazing too. You get smiles from every where you go. Go to New York, look at someone, you get a smile? No. Go to Arizona -- Tucson for example -- cross someone on the crosswalk, you can expect a friendly smile, hey, or hows it goin. Dont get me wrong its just like every other city with flaws. Schools aren't so good. Since theres nothing to do there a lot of kids smokin weed. but seriously why wouldnt you be in the first place? very good weed, there are times when people are completely dry tho so look out for the week after 420. If you want to live here, i dont kno why you would, but the reasons are simple. You wont die from heat exhaustion, many parks, dog parks, malls of course, friends, good work, good vibes, good food, and a short trip to rocky point :)
Arizona can be miserable at times, but then Arizona makes up for it in the winter.
by cmkisamacstabb3r November 29, 2009

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