A strain of hydroponic marijuana. Sometimes confused with kush because of the red veins in it. Much cheaper than most strains of equal potency, so it is often chopped and mixed with ditch weed, to give the crappy weed the appearance of actual smokable stuff.

Ironically, Arizona is more popular in California than Arizona.

Abbreviation: AZ.
Ay roll dat AZ up bruh, I'm outta kush.

My bad mann, Im outta Arizona. All I got is chronic.
by Cancer Fetish August 29, 2010
Excruciatingly hot in places like Phoenix and Tucson, especially if you are from Flagstaff. Whenever you are in a different region and someone asks where you are from, their automatic response is "wow, it must be hot huh?" Well it's NOT hot if you live in NORTHERN Arizona! We have four seasons and it snows a lot up here! People come up here to SKI. There is a lot more to AZ than people think.
Northern Arizona is beautiful.
by Freddie123456 October 19, 2005
The best place in the US! It has the best scenery, the best weather and by far the hottest women. Way better then ohio.
What else can I say?
by mikethefish May 21, 2005
Contrary to what some think, it's actually a very diverse state, in the south you have warm, and in the summer - very hot, weather, desert, plenty of sand and cacti everywhere you look.
In the north, you have forests as far as the eye can see, snow, very cold weather - especially in the winter, and a lot of wildlife.

The heat for the vast majority of the year isn't as bad as people make it out to be, only in July-August is it what people make it out to be all year around.
Matt: I'd never go to Arizona, I can't bear the heat.
Jimi: Go in February then?
Matt: It's still unbearably hot in Feb?
Jimi: Shows what you know.
by I'mAnonymous February 06, 2008
The best 24 oz. drink you can get for 99 cents. They come in kiwi strawberry, mucho mango, watermwlon, unsweetened tea, fruit punch, rasberry, and sweetened tea. i think thats it. well all that comes in a can anyway.
I usually drink the iced tea with the sugar.
by The NAD May 25, 2005
the drink of the gods.
Damn..arizona is a bomb-ass driink.
by ocheee May 14, 2007
The hot state the I lives in.
Good lord it's fucking hot in Arizona
by Scarlet September 12, 2003

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