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Arizona is hot, sometimes miserable, but from late october to late march, its fucking WONDERFULLL. Usually the highs are around 65 to 75 degrees, occasionally up in the low 80s. We used to have amazing real estate until the economy went to shit. Other then that, very beautiful houses. The vibes you get from people are amazing too. You get smiles from every where you go. Go to New York, look at someone, you get a smile? No. Go to Arizona -- Tucson for example -- cross someone on the crosswalk, you can expect a friendly smile, hey, or hows it goin. Dont get me wrong its just like every other city with flaws. Schools aren't so good. Since theres nothing to do there a lot of kids smokin weed. but seriously why wouldnt you be in the first place? very good weed, there are times when people are completely dry tho so look out for the week after 420. If you want to live here, i dont kno why you would, but the reasons are simple. You wont die from heat exhaustion, many parks, dog parks, malls of course, friends, good work, good vibes, good food, and a short trip to rocky point :)
Arizona can be miserable at times, but then Arizona makes up for it in the winter.
by cmkisamacstabb3r November 29, 2009
1. The nectar of the gods. The best flavor is an Arnold Palmer 1/2 Iced Tea 1/2 Lemonade. Other good flavors are Watermelon and Kiwi, as well as Watermelon. And they are cheap, usually less than $1.10. Got to your nearest gas station and get one now.

2. A deserty state.
1. Hey man wanna go get some Arizonas?

Hell yea I do will you cover me?

Sure they're only a buck. :)

2. It's hot here in Arizona. Let's cool off with an Arizona, on me.
by Michael Habic October 07, 2009
The sweetest state in the nation. Known for great pizza, Camelback road, and awesome single sex schools. Phoenix is the heart of the southwest. People from Arizona tend to be MAD HOT.
Man, that girl is smockinnnnng, she must be from Arizona.
by takemedowntoarizona April 08, 2006
where hopes and dreams go to die.

The people from arizona are just fine. even great. Arizona though, is the hell of anything good in life. Even worse than Philadelphia
Life is good, and will continue to be good, cuase you're not in Arizona anymore!
by ressaler October 28, 2008
A state in the union that wants to show everybody up when it comes to being backwards.

Arizona was the last state in the union to ratify a Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday. The politicians and many of it's people (but not all) said "no!" to an MLK holiday long after every other state had already decided to honor Dr. King. Black athletes and leaders boycotted and the state eventually begrudgingly gave in.

Now, Arizona is once again trying to outdo all the other states and trying to reclaim its crown as the most intolerant, racist, and ass-backwards state by having recently passed SB1070--an unconstitutional, anti-immigrant, anti civil rights, xenophobic law that allows the police to racial profile ANYONE they see fit and it also allows law enforcement to arrest anyone that cannot produce documents that prove their residency/citizenship on the spot. This law has been called the most racist law since the Jim Crow laws of in the deep South. Way to go, Arizona!! You are the U.S. CHAMPION when it comes to staying way behind the rest of the country!!
Man: This SB1070 law is harsh and, ultimately, the police can stop and harass ANYONE they feel like and all they have to say is that they suspected someone of being in the U.S. illegally.

Woman: Sounds like Gestapo tactics to me and we are losing more of our freedoms. Time to boycott Arizona!

Man: That's what I'm saying. I'm boycotting anything from AZ, starting with the Diamondbacks.
by El Muñeco April 28, 2010
geographical name

1. A sweltering arena of crank and conservatives; the dehydrated yet unbelievably odorous armpit of the United States.

2. The only state with Cacti. FUCK YES CACTI ARE FUCKING RAD.
1. I don't see how Simon could have NOT hung herself with her own intestines, you know? I mean, she has lived in Arizona her whole life.

2. I went to Arizona to see the majestic saguaro cacti and I got stung by a bark scorpion, resulting in near-fatal circumstances.
by ibitemynails April 26, 2009
the act of defecation; pooping; shitting; taking a dump
Today I took a massive Arizona, I hate Arizona porn, Hey I think the baby has Arizona in its diaper.
by trevbork April 30, 2010