An ounce of cocaine.
Hey man, I want to go to Arizona.
by md o so October 04, 2009
The best place in the world in the winter because it is perfect. The worst place during the summer because it is hot. You cant even walk outside or you will melt. But I love where I live :))). Don't melt and die.

Hell yes PHOENIX.....
Arizona is a place where you are afraid to go outside because you may burn to death and all your skin will fall off.
by Sydneythepenguin March 29, 2008
the act of defecation; pooping; shitting; taking a dump
Today I took a massive Arizona, I hate Arizona porn, Hey I think the baby has Arizona in its diaper.
by trevbork April 30, 2010
geographical name

1. A sweltering arena of crank and conservatives; the dehydrated yet unbelievably odorous armpit of the United States.

2. The only state with Cacti. FUCK YES CACTI ARE FUCKING RAD.
1. I don't see how Simon could have NOT hung herself with her own intestines, you know? I mean, she has lived in Arizona her whole life.

2. I went to Arizona to see the majestic saguaro cacti and I got stung by a bark scorpion, resulting in near-fatal circumstances.
by ibitemynails April 26, 2009
A name for a woman who has a free spirit and cannot be tied down. She loves everything "natural" and practices yoga daily. She also is usually very beautiful and gravitates towards beauty and open spaces.
See that woman? Her name is Arizona.
by microwaved February 02, 2010
where hopes and dreams go to die.

The people from arizona are just fine. even great. Arizona though, is the hell of anything good in life. Even worse than Philadelphia
Life is good, and will continue to be good, cuase you're not in Arizona anymore!
by ressaler October 28, 2008
The best state in the country that is east of California, while also being west of New Mexico and south of Utah.
Yep Arizona.
by Pace May 31, 2004
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