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Latino gangsta gurrl wit' her homebase in east L.A., talkin' shit, wearin' colored bandana's, packin' both lipstick AND heat, talkin' trash 'bout other girls stealin' her boo, datin' nasty thugs with big dicks that wear wifebeaters coupled with a fresh pair of Ecko sweats. Don't git herrr stahted, Nah-uh! No you dihhant?!
"That ugly skank stole my man! She's a nasty cholla and is gonna get whats comin' to her."
(gunfire errupts) BANG BANG!
by DirtyonDancefloor August 03, 2005
112 48
The hebrew translation for "holla."

Cholla is also a type of bread, cactus, province, etc.
Bryan: I just got back from the boozery, and picked up some Stoli, Cabana Boy, and Manischewitz!
Jordan: CHOLLA!
by Jordan WasaN May 13, 2006
25 53
you cholla when hollerin just aint enough
guy1:aye Cholla boye
guy2:dat man is on a mission yo fo real
by OGmike April 25, 2005
12 46