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1.a type of pizza
2.what you tell to somebody,who does something all of the time
3.a way to write more words on your test,instead of saying "year"
1-I will have a four seasons pizza.How about you?

2-Man,you watch horror movies four seasons a year!

3-The north pole has snow on it during four seasons of the year(really a waste of words)
by foursouls1 April 26, 2009
A series of alcoholic shots usually done by college students that want to get drunk really fast or pregame in a short amount of time. The series goes:

Spring = Vodka
Summer = Rum
Fall = Whiskey
Winter = Gin

The drinker(s) take each shot with only about a minute of waiting in between, leading to a very interesting and quickly brought on buzz.
Did you hear about Dan and Trevor? They did the four seasons twice in a row. There's two years they'll never remember.
by Dan&Trev February 02, 2012
Extremely ghetto
Poor area
The hood
A cadillac with 1 spinning rim with the two different colored paint chipped off and its rusty...
Anybody (esp. black girls) who's all up in your face tryna be hard
Broken down houses/apartments etc.
That car is straight-up FOUR SEASONS!

Hi, my name is Shay-nay-nay and I live at Four Seasons.

by Laksi April 07, 2005
An Australian brand of condom. Comes in regular, large, tight, extra strong and a few other varieties.
My favourite type of condom is Four Seasons Regular.
by L.Aus May 26, 2007

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