When Playing Call of Duty or any other shooter is playing search and destroy. That one person kills all six enemies in one round.
I killed all of you and Aced it!
by After zZz Schock November 02, 2010
An exclaimation used after something f'n awesome happens.
"Yo, that ho just flashed her tits."
by The Deelie January 13, 2005
After taking a satisfyingly optimal poo, if a wipe is unnecessary or there is no lingering residue on the toilet paper, then you have successfully "Aced". If one wipe was necessary, then you received a "Birdie". Two wipes - Par. And So on and so forth. However, if you have successfully aced, you must make an A-frame above your head, like in that ridiculous song YMCA by The Village People, and shout "Ace" to the first person you see after your poo.
Friend: How was your poo?

Pooer: Dude I totally just Aced!
by Lukesmells September 14, 2013
A guy who is both very wise and at the same time very relaxed. Also, this guy is usually cool.
Alex is so awesome, but that's just because he's Ace.
by TheSaint1991 January 06, 2011
Means the same as "to rock, to rule, to pwn"
<yash> damn i learned english for 5h now...
<com> man you should ace that english class
by _yosh May 03, 2009
something that is extremely cool or that you are very excited about. sounds very un-ace when said by americans.
fuckin ace!
the shows gonna be ace!
by holyroman April 18, 2005
Someone Who Always Has Your Back; A Homie
"Hey's my ace, I'm his ace, that's how it works!" -A Cool Person
by Royalty- November 21, 2009

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