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143 definitions by Rich

Single White Male
unmarried caucasian man
by rich January 08, 2004
When a girl is wearing tight pants, underwear, and you see the formation of the outer labia of the women clearly thrugh the clothing article.
Or you see the "bitches lips" got it?
Think of a wet bikini on a females lower area. It should leave no room for your imagination.
by RICH April 30, 2003
To be overwhelmed by an unexpected, unstoppable force.

Reference to Kevin Pitsnogle of the WVU mens basketball team, having come from the ashes to help raise the Mounties to a Elite eight appearance.
He pitsnogled me with 3 pointers from well past the arch.
by Rich March 28, 2005
wanking by using your hand by holding your dick and moving it up and down
im wanking over lowri
by rich December 01, 2003
I wish i was chilean.
I suck because im a feverishly pale white british queer.
by Rich March 30, 2004
"state county municipal offender data system", the on-board system used by the rollers (AKA: cops) in the original Blue Brothers. this utility told the cops to "arrest driver, impound vehicle" and thus initiated the multi-state car chase that wrecked the most cars in movie history.
"shit, i hope they (the cops) don't have scmods."
by rich January 27, 2004
Ship or submarine propeller
The sonar identified the submarine as British, Trafalgar class, having a single screw.
by rich May 18, 2004