Exclamation that expresses something as being exceedingly good.
My boss is quitting and I'm finally getting that raise.

by Josh October 11, 2003
Slang for asexual, a person who experiences no sexual attraction or desire. Similar to the colloquial use of gay as a synonym for homosexual.
-What do you say we go back to my place?
-Sorry, not interested. I'm ace.
by Elsevier November 08, 2009
Another word for awesome.
"Gahh, your shirt is so ace!"
by Luxx June 17, 2006
An adjective synonymous with excellent, cool, great.
I really like my english teacher; he's aces!
by joy October 14, 2003
Something fantastic or extremely fortunate; derived from the best starting hand in Hold 'Em poker, a pair of aces. (Odds of getting aces: about 1 in 220)
That party last night with the coke and the hookers... fucking aces, man.
by Benjamin Fatbody December 03, 2003
"pick of the litter" , prime choice
Your mom is a fucking ace.
by Cait/Eileen January 30, 2003
Old school American street slang for "best buddy" or "running partner".
"Little Drippy? He's my ace Jim - Fuck with him and you fuck with me...."
by VerbalGimp May 14, 2007

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