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A person who spends large amounts of time attempting to get a tan, but only burns.
My sister is a suntard--despite having had sun poisoning, she still refuses to wear sunscreen.
by AnnHedonia March 05, 2008
An overnight houseguest who arrives expecting free food, drinks, and a clean bed, but leaves a trail of empty beer cans and other messes throughout the house.
The Econoslob never offers to help prepare a meal, clean up or buy a round of drinks if going to a bar.
After eating the elaborate breakfast prepared by his host, the Econoslob left dirty plates on the table and a pile of dirty towels on the guest room floor.
by AnnHedonia March 23, 2009
n: a person (usually male) who pees into bottles, drinking cups and other assorted containers rather than walk down the hall to use the toilet.
I was astounded to find the collection of piss-filled containers left behind by the Urinator.
by AnnHedonia June 17, 2009
another word for "ass"
My husband locked himself in his car again--what an ace.
by AnnHedonia March 05, 2008

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