A good trait or quality, something good about you that you don't show immediately to someone.
I don't show my aces right off the bat, when someone shows me they care about me then they get the whole me.
by nBow June 04, 2014
a winner or a keeper;; badass
Well, the girls can't stand her 'cause she walks, looks, and drives like an ace, now
-Fun Fun Fun by The Beach Boys
by i'mkatiebaby May 06, 2010
He's a lovely a charming boy, very handsome and romantic, very spontaneous. Your heart will basically melt because of him. He's a fucking player though. He'll play you. He's all nice until he gets in your pants, then he's off. Might even tell you he loves you, but he really doesn't. Do NOT fall for him. He'll break your heart.
After he fucks off and leaves you.

A mate of his- "What happened between you and ***** Ace mate?"
Ace- "Nothing, she got the wrong end of the stick and thought we were more than we actually were"
despite the fucking fact he had told you he loved you.
by imafuckingcunttt October 21, 2014
Cool ;Cooler than sick; spot on; rad; awesome.
Like damn that girl is ace

that's so fucking ace man

This club is hella ace
by Divadivadiva December 31, 2013
German word called AS in English but pronounced Ass.
(Playing cards and you ask) "Do you have an ass?" Meaning do you have an ace?
by Dat canadian kid February 18, 2013
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