A description of a reliable and close compadre.
'My neighbour is so ace - he always knows what I need.'
by RedGirl June 12, 2013
Excellent! Very good!
by sreyn October 25, 2012
Awesome. Cool. Amazing. Basically anything that is really fricking sweet.
That car was wicked ace!
by duk28 June 20, 2011
a winner or a keeper;; badass
Well, the girls can't stand her 'cause she walks, looks, and drives like an ace, now
-Fun Fun Fun by The Beach Boys
by i'mkatiebaby May 06, 2010
the word ace means
a- awsome
c- cool
e- epic
that movie was ace!
by mr.woo October 22, 2008
1. when you successfully score an A on a test .

2. when you wipe out an enemy team or completely demolish someone in an FPS.

3. one of the superior cards in a deck of cards.
1. Yes, I finally scored an Ace on my pre-cal test.

2. Dude I just Aced their whole team by myself, what a bunch of noobs.

3. Holy crap guys watch out, he has an Ace.
by hax pex April 29, 2008
A.C.E.S stands for: Acute Celebrity Exhaustion Syndrome
When someone claims to be extremely exhausted after a long day of work or school. The person claiming to be extremely exhausted has no idea of their condition. A.C.E.S typically strikes celebrates, movie extras, or people that love to be the center of attention.
Jeff: Sorry, guys I can’t go out tonight. I just drove non-stop from New York to LA with pneumonia and have to rest up. I think I my have A.C.E.S

Steve: Yeah, me too I am so tired I just did 10 hours of extra work today. I am exhausted!

Jeff: Yes, Steve you have A.C.E.S we are all well aware of that a-hole.
by Taffydavenport January 25, 2008

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