ACE - a word to describe/call a person who you like. They usually carry themselves with confidence and cockyness.
Just like in a card game you always want the ACE, in life you always want the ACE. They know you before you let them and you share the same values.

In an ideal world you would be perfect for eachother. however due to the nature of the game you only get the card your delt, which leaves you wondering how it would have played if you just got that ACE.
"mmmh I wish he was my ACE"
"hey ACE"
by wonder lust November 16, 2011
1. Cool and Awesome and Popular

2. To be and act as such
1. Ty's new wallet is Ace.

2. He's hot and popular, I wish I was as Ace as him.
by Tyler Pulliam April 06, 2007
An expert or master. A specialist.
He's the ace in that team.
by Optimus November 20, 2003
In Counter-Strike, to kill the whole team. An ace is usually followed by relentless, verbal thrashing.

ayced aced ayce
"Z0mg, ACE!!! Baddies!!! #shittiesftwbbq
by keR. Magn3s1um March 30, 2008
The true meaning to the word "ace" is as follows: A fighter pilot that has at least 5 air kills, when a pilot has shot down at least 5 enemy aircraft, a ceremony or party is then held, and he/she gets their "ace" wings.
Pilot #1- Look at that ace, he's getting all the glory.
Pilot #2- Just be happy happy he's on our side, he's one hell of an ace pilot!
by Minority July 02, 2006
When Playing Call of Duty or any other shooter is playing search and destroy. That one person kills all six enemies in one round.
I killed all of you and Aced it!
by After zZz Schock November 02, 2010
A word amongst friends, co-workers, or strangers that means: Cool, awesome, great, super, THE-best, rad. Etc Everything packed into one word.
Amir: That party was so Ace man!

Jake: You weren't there, and how did you know i had a party?

Amir: Whatever.... it was still ace, dinner tonight?
by Ace & Jocelyn February 27, 2009
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