Verb, to explain using to the lowest common demoninator. To make readily explainable to the average Walmart employee or customer. To "dumb down" an otherwise complex explanation, idea, or concept.
"You need to Walmart that report before presenting it"

A Walmarted explanation for basketball would read as follows: five guys try to throw a ball in the other five guys' basket.

"Gravity makes things fall down," Walmarted Isaac Newton.
by Samuel Pettyjohn January 19, 2006
The worst kind of evil. EVER. Right up there with sweatshops
Why would anyone in their right mind ever want to shop at Wal-Mrt anyway? All they do is put other hard-working people out of business, not to mention market their stores with those pathetic ad campaigns...
by tony April 12, 2004
a giant chain store that is slowly taking over the economy. They sell everything from really ugly clothes, to discusting microwave dinners, to guns, to furniture. They also like to hire illegal immigrants and mentally challenged people to work at their stores.
hey Mary Sue round up the kids so we can all go to Walmart and buy some plastic lawn furniture and get some of those VHS tapes out of that big bin and get some new tires fer the truck!
by sammys May 01, 2006
where broke fat men go to buy their clothes when they aint got a job or a low payin job and they need to shop at wal mart cause they broke ass niggas

where cheap dudes go to get their girls presents when they aint got no damn job or is broke
dang did you see his new shirt , it cheesy as hell , he got it at wal mart, poor broke nigga
by boogie February 23, 2005
The root of all evil. Seriously. It's over sized, sells stuff at low prices because its crap, and pretends to be all patriotic and American when 99.9% of the stuff they sell comes from China.
Wal-Mart sells cheap crap!
by musicfan62 March 22, 2009
an evil chainstore run by the Devil, where workers toil for pissant wages, work long hours without credit, get no benefits, work non-union, and have to attend a bullshit "pep-talk" session at the start of every shift and chant this dumbass cheer every fucking day. WalMart wants to drive everyone else out of business and control the world's economy. WalMart is popular among hypochristians (so-called "conservative Christians") for some particular reason, so you know WalMart is up to no good. They have the slogan "Bringing it All Home to the U.S.A." but almost all their products sold are from China, where good American jobs are going to and where worker's rights and safety as well as environmental protection standards are disregarded. Also, their music CDs have to be "clean" - none with Parental Advisory stickers are sold at the stores. This is an endorsement of censorship, which is UN-AMERICAN. Their prices ain't really any lower than anyone else's. That logo happy face needs to have a bullet shot into its forehead. Do your shopping at some other store like Meijers or Target instead.
I'd rather work for Satan than work for WalMart. And that's the TRUTH.
by Buckeye Starrider May 05, 2007
The teenage hangout spot in many American small towns.
John: "Do you want to go cow tipping?"

Joe John: "Yeah, I'll meet you at Wal Mart."
by kevin21boston November 02, 2006
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