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one who frequently engages in any sexual act in which bodily fluids relating to sex organs are exchanged; one who is characteristically indiscriminate of their sexual partners
your mom's a fuckin' cum-bucket
by julius March 06, 2005
verb - watching a televised war.
I warched CNN but it was the same old same old
by Julius December 28, 2004
Masturbating, jerking off.
Billy was about to download some porn when he heard his buddy yell from outside, "hey would you quit j.o'in in there?"
by Julius February 08, 2005
term to explain the english language to people who ignore letters when pronouncing them
you say "erb" i say "herb" cuz there's a fucking h in it!
by Julius December 28, 2004
A kid who saw the hosts of G4 and assumed he'd have a chance at dating one them eventually.
A crazed host fanboy thinks Laura Foy and Tina Wood are goddesses.
by Julius December 27, 2003
Someone with very long hair that happens to be very long in the back and top, and very short on the sides.
D.O.A and Julius (pre w2z) are mullet boys.
by Julius March 30, 2003
to be punched suddenly for an insult and or any form of disrespect.
Jerome said my mom was a fat,slimy ho, so i loafed him in the chest and gave homeboy an asthma attack.

David got loafed in his bottom lip for talkin shit.
by julius October 06, 2003

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