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Christian term for accepting, and believing in, Christ. To be written in the "Lambs Book of Life."
I have been saved since I was seventeen years old.
by Chad Deese October 17, 2003
Someone who is Saved® has accepted Jesus as his or her personal Saviour and tithes to Landover Baptist or one of its subsidiaries. Those who are Saved(r) are the Lord's annointed or the "elect" and are assured of heaven in the hereafter.
He is Saved® and on his way to Glory.
by Edward Forester January 01, 2006
to be born again, free from sin, saved from hell fire, on your way to heaven, living for God,christian, believing in jesus and living it fully.
if you aint saved you going to hell.
by monolog May 06, 2003
see forced

when a fourth party comes in and stops the third party by forcing the forcer. (which usally pisses them off and they shut up.)

this is extreamly fuckin funny as not only are you saved from the pain and anguish of being forced you can laugh and the forcer wont get it.

person 1: "hey man did you hear that that watchman movies out this friday?"

Person 2: "yeah man im not sure if thats gonna be good tho."

Person 3(forcer): "omg that movies gonna be good it gonna... bla bla bla bla bla"(you so dont care)

Person 1 & 2: "uh huh"

Person 3: bla bla bla bla

Person 1 & 2: "uh huh"

Person 4: "so guys guess what i did this weekend?"

Person 1 & 2:(thankin god) "idk what did you do?"

(Person 3 is all pissed and is annoyed)

Person 4: "nothing never mind"
man thank you christy you just saved us from david.
by Da_Mad-Hatter March 06, 2009
A very flexible shemale that can suck themself off. Although they are thought of to be extremely gay, they are a cool person.
DUDE! That guy is a saved!
by Davito'is'queen April 22, 2011
Term thrown about by death row inmates desperately seeking to have their sentences commuted.
I was a different man when I raped those 5 nuns, then killed them, and then raped them again. Now I'm saved by the Lord!
by CleverNickname September 23, 2004

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