An absolutely useless piece of technology that is absolutely necessary.
Twitter has changed the way we blindly self-aggrandize and inflate our false sense of self-worth by tricking us into believing people want to read about the pizza pans we just bought at Target and how our poop was a totally weird color this morning.
by Nalmatic December 03, 2009
A really bad micro-blogging service made to give people with no life the illusion that people care that "They had a bannana for breakfast" or something...
Stan: Do you have twitter?

Lee: No. It sucks.
by blu3wat3r May 23, 2010
1. A social networking website for people who need to stay on top of current events in real-time, which generally means reading some 12-year-old's commentary on an article that was posted on several hours ago.

2. The 2000's equivalent of the AOL keyword... a medium by which businesses and news sources can publish small amounts of information to people who normally wouldn't care, but who will gobble the information up because the medium of transfer makes them feel like an "insider"
Person 1: Hey did you hear the news about Bono this morning?

Person 2 (frantically logging onto Twitter): I'm on it! Ah yes here's the story: "Man that Bono is some character, but I like his music from teh 80's #Bono RT RT"... I better re-tweet this quick. We twitterers count on each other to spread hot stories like this so we can stay ahead of the curve.
by MD-G August 19, 2009
Probably the stupidest thing since facebook, it allows people do what they already can with facebook and what they can with texting on a cell phone. A basic waste of life for stalkers and creeps who MUST know everything about once or more person.
Person 1-"Hey i just got a twitter"
Person 2-"WTF! Don't you already have a cell phone and a facebook you twatt]
by jinxed_007 May 16, 2009
Something I cannot stand, the most annoying fucking thing in the world.
I have twitter! WOW bro your a fucking douchebag.
by Sickofmakingshitup March 23, 2010
A site for people to update you anytime anything they think important/funny/serious/sad/etc. happens because then atleast its out there so maybe somebody looked at it so you can talk/laugh/discuss/cry/etc. with them later.
haha man that was so fuuny i have to twitter it!

omg im so twittering bout him!
by draelove August 07, 2009
Simple a place to legally stalk people
I'm stalking this girl on Twitter said the peadophile
by melman February 09, 2013

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