I think that Lewis Black said it best, "Where do you get the massive ego to think that anybody gives a shit what you're doing
Retarded Person: I'm gonna go on twitter
Normal Person takes out a double barreled shotgun and rids the world of another huge ego
by homediggitizzle February 04, 2011
The only social network where the world revolves around Justin Bieber
Justin Beiber has been a trending topic since I was born

Can you believe that on twitter, Justin Bieber's mom was even a trending topic?
by J'adore UD April 28, 2010
Obamanism for Twitter.
Obama said that both he and visiting Russian President Dmitry Medvedev use the popular social networking program--which he mistakenly referred to as "Twitters," instead of "Twitter.
by rperazag June 25, 2010
Twitter is a site for pathetic people who think that every moronic brainfart deserves to be shared.
Twit: I just told everyone on Twitter that I'm not sure what to have for lunch.

Workmate: Why? On second thoughts don't tell me. I don't care.
by Barney Who-Ah April 17, 2011
A really bad micro-blogging service made to give people with no life the illusion that people care that "They had a bannana for breakfast" or something...
Stan: Do you have twitter?

Lee: No. It sucks.
by blu3wat3r May 23, 2010
The most effective way to tally up the stupid part of the world's population since the lottery. Also facilitates studies of their behavioral and herding patterns (i.e. following a person on tweeter). A perfect tool for stalkers and burglars since twitter users voluntarily disclose information about their whereabouts and activities.
"Hey I found this huge group of people on twitter who twit about every mundane detail of their boring lives. I think I'm going to follow them."
by Always_Tells_It_Like_It_Is May 20, 2010
A site where you think people care, when they're really laughing at how pathetic you look.
A Twitter: I'm watching TV!!!!!!!!!

A person who cares for some reason: Cool!!!!

A person who has a life: Wtf? I don't give a shit!

A Twitter: I'm taking a shit!

A person who cares for some reason: Oh my god!!!!

A person who has a life: ........
by General Radec August 10, 2009

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