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Occasional response of a busy career single woman with good income to a request to plan a night out with an attractive friend.
It is basically a complement to the widespread idiom "let's play by ear" and, as said, it is typical of ultra-busy women that once in awhile remember to be female in need of some good healthy butt-naked squat thrust activity. As they can't predict the sudden coming of the urge in order to plan ahead, and can't be bothered to, then "Let's play by clit".
Johnny on the phone: "Wazzup Martha, haven't seeing you in a long while honey..."

Martha: "I know! These presentations have been draining me out"

Johnny: "Wanna have dinner or something tomorrow night"

Martha: "Wish I could commit to that, sweetie. I have one presentation more to prepare and I haven't started yet. But then again, it's been way too long,so...you know what, let's play by clit. In case I'll buzz you, that OK?"
by Parcerito April 14, 2011
A Bullshit Facilitator is a certain professional, or group of them, that couldn't make it to the Big League in the western world, so decided to spice up his/their CV and venture somewhere else in one of under-development countries, hoping to be mistaken for a Guru and to get some business.
Generally bullshit facilitators have western looks, spiffed up attires, and they talk a lot of pseudo-jargon at length, trying always to sound intelligent and business-savvy by decorating their long speeches to clueless audiences with words such as 'collaterals', 'rationales', 'incidence', 'strategy', 'low hanging fruits', 'branding' and other buzzwords, mixed with complex diagrams that resembles oftentimes the structure of Dante's Inferno.
This, in terms of business, is like wanting to teach the theories of West Coast Offense to some 5th Graders playing touch football once a week on sundays afternoons.

Generally their fields of specialty are those gray zones in business where you can say everything and the exact contrary and not being easily proven wrong, such as, for instance, design, or, I dunno, branding and marketing.

They're facilitators because they make easier to absorb bullshit by mistaking shit for sound business advices and also in the sense that they make easier for other countries to produce that same bullshit that come from the Western World.
Lim Lin: "Hey! That guy that spoke at the workshop yesterday know how to wear his hat! He's so knowledgeable"

Darren: "mmmmmmm, to me he seemed nothing but another bullshit facilitator"
by Parcerito February 02, 2010
A common disturb that still affects too large of a part of the male humans.
The male individual with SCS starts showing symptoms of it when, dating some particularly hot broad, he starts losing touch with his own reality and himself as he used to be, and as he used to be known by his friends (yielding to any stupid tantrums she may come up with, skipping ballgames with buddies, paying attention to silly frivolous shit to please her...).

The condition, in its worst, degenerating forms, could bring to extremes such as jealousy driven paranoia, lost of any interest but trying (in vain) to satisfy any other of her requests, or even leaving a family with kids to pursue an hot babe that will certainly leave you broke or broken.
Mark: "hey man, Joe's completely out of control. Since he got with that chick, Shenonda, all he does is checking his phone, trying to reach her, taking notes of her gf's birthdays to appear nice and establish himself in her circle...".

David: "I know...he got the smoking clam syndrome just like a couple of years ago with that stripper from Diego".
by Parcerito January 31, 2010
A simple, old-school mobile phone that still does just what a mobile phone is supposed to do: making and receiving phone calls and texts. Nowadays acquired at 7/11 stores almost exclusively by girls that have to migrate to another country to 'work' and need a budget handphone to be reached.

a.k.a. "a green button-red button" phone.
Joe: "hey man, what's that relic on the table?"

Will: "Thats my mobile phone, pal. I know nowadays everybody goes out with a TV in their pockets, but I can't stand it and all I need is my good ol' reliable hooker's phone. It never let me down".
by Parcerito January 28, 2010
feeling a bit under the leather: having practiced too rough of a sado-maso sex session the night before and feeling the consequences the next day and the day after (especially at work).
Mark: "Hey Geena, all good?"

Geena: "Not too bad, I guess"

Mark: "You look a little tired or something..."

Geena: "Ya... still feeling a bit under the leather.
Chuck's been an animal couple of nights ago. Got blisters on my knees and ankles... anyway, how was your meeting with so-and-so earlier?"
by Parcerito April 20, 2011
The Archdouche is a douchebag who's in a high position in the Corporate Ladder.
"Since middle management was letargic, I wrote this email straight to him, thinking I could find some assistance in getting my case sorted. As a response, this dick sent me some impolite three Blackberry lines, inclusive of an attempt at lecture in the form of part of sentences underscored..."

"hahaha, shit man that is typical David. He's the Archdouche of the Financial Department".
by Parcerito July 05, 2011
Someone who has spent enough time in the little state where nothing happens.
Expat 1: "Haye matey, how long've you been in Singapore?"

Expat 2: "Almost 2 years"

Expat 1: "And how do you like it?"

Expat 2: "Well, let's just say I'm singabored since a while already"
by Parcerito March 08, 2010

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