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Adj. Originally a term that means fields that are not being use for crops. Current usage means unproductive.
She's going through a fallow period.
#productive #unproductive #sucess #field #crops
by Rhiana October 08, 2007
Highly Intelligent being. Highly desirable mate.
I wish I was a Fallows.
by Tony johnson October 01, 2003
(v.) To plow, but not to seed.
Plow, meaning to have sex
Seed, meaning the female egg and sperm joining.
"Shit man...good job I only fallowed her."

"Dude, I'd fallow that girl."

Man1: "What the fuck dude! I thought you were only going to fallow her! not make babies"
Man2: "shit man, I know. I got knocked up."
#fallow #sex #plow #seed #female egg #sperm #inpregnate
by zeppoleon September 22, 2007
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