Simple a place to legally stalk people
I'm stalking this girl on Twitter said the peadophile
by melman February 09, 2013
A trick of the Devil in the form of an online platform provided to a fool for shouting about inanities other fools are already familiar with, being them their own as well.
The idea that twitting is actually communicating is becoming more and more the foundation of the modern, industrialized society, and it is eminently worthy of the superstructure.
Twitter samples:

@jerryo: fantastic article on social media @

@myass64: great stuff buddy.

@ruththethruth: do you know where do they stream the semi finals of Curling finals?

@thebignothing: especially in Michigan

@poot: most def

(ad lib)
by Parcerito October 14, 2011
The new replacement for the walls of a public toilet. A place to write one's thoughts, often while sitting on a toilet, hoping the public will read them.
After I was suspended from school for graffiti I found this twitter thing.
by Jould like contact too September 29, 2011
Its for Writing pointless shit (Sometimes even about you shitting) and put #followedbyasentencewithno​spacesforsomeunknownfuckin​gpointlessreasonthatjustin​furiates.
Twitter User: Just sitting on the loo. #Sinkslikealog
by Anthonytats January 24, 2012
the place where fandoms congregate and rule; the place to easily stalk.
Twitter is so much better than Facebook wow
by kylieoops July 02, 2013
(1) Scientific Definition: The periodically petrifying smell that is emitted from the area centrally located betwixt the pliable twat and the crusty shitter on the female anatomy; however, it can sometimes be located on cum ingurgitating males aka males with the phenomena of the mangina.
(2) Common Defintion: The space in between a females twat and shitter.
(3) Pike County Kentucky Definition: uiowiu siuuwerb ubaiuas twat iu wousubrgb shitter iosiuriurg soiwoiuwe.
Mark:Do you know how many guys have seen her twitter!?

Tom: How many?
Mark: Bout tree fitty.
Tom: Whore.

Judd:Dude you know how many followers that chicks twitter has?!
Billy:Bout tree fitty.

Anatomy Professor: As you can see class, the female twitter is located here; right between the twat and the shitter.
Class: Oh, i see now professor!
by Macaque Tastes Great April 26, 2011
A microblogging site used by over-sharers and narcissists.
Example: "OMG i jus ate teh best sandwitch" (this is about how much typing one "tweet" consists of). How much would most people care? Not one bit. Unless you are a celebrity. Despite all that, Twitter is extremely useful for your favorite bands and organizations to utilize.
Good and bad ways to use Twitter.

Bad - "OMFG dis ashole jus cut me off 4 no reson!!! red camerow evry1 kil kil killl!!!"
See tweeler.

Good - "The DMV will be closed today due to lack of funding. Consequently, all appointments have been canceled. Have a wait-less, misery free day!"
by SamSchlong October 20, 2009
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