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hound, spy, solicitation for a certain kind of information
"stalking wide looking eyeball gawk, snide."
by noixz January 14, 2009
New form of follow on twitter courtesy of
"I'm stalking Alki David on battlecam."
by JuggaloElmo August 19, 2011
Bit of the bud everyone always leaves until there's no weed left, and it becomes gold.
'Aww, that's the last of the weed...'
'It's ok, fancy a stalk shottie?'
by morvy March 01, 2010
Another term referring to the penis.
This one time at band camp, this girl wanted to suck on my stalk.
by Jasper Jizm October 22, 2009
Street slang for celery
"Yo, this salad is rockin' my world? What be the secret shizzle in here?"

"It's stalk, beeyotch."
by B-Phat May 21, 2006
to stalk (verb, tr.)

1. to hang out with, to go out with, to visit.
I really want to stalk my friend Cheech tonight, but I think he has a date with Chong. I guess I'll stalk my mom instead.
by jamie February 25, 2004
A hoeish female who chases and flocks toward groups of males; Ho
tommy: " look at that stalk over there with all of those men"

Billy: "isnt that your ex?"
by mandisha October 31, 2005
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