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what your dick does after you cum. according to dustin motherfucking price motherfucking campbell
Did your dick just twitter?! please dont tell me you got me pregnant.
by Armychica131 June 30, 2009
A waste of life
Sir Alex Ferguson: "Twitter is a waste of life"
by twastes February 03, 2014
the place where fandoms congregate and rule; the place to easily stalk.
Twitter is so much better than Facebook wow
by kylieoops July 02, 2013
Noun: An additive attention vacuum that makes its users unable to complete homework. Has also been known to disrupt normal sleeping patterns.
Person: "I should do homework"

*turns on computer*

Person: "I'll just check Twitter real fast"

*spends the next hour not doing homework*
by (suck)cessful February 15, 2012
(1) Scientific Definition: The periodically petrifying smell that is emitted from the area centrally located betwixt the pliable twat and the crusty shitter on the female anatomy; however, it can sometimes be located on cum ingurgitating males aka males with the phenomena of the mangina.
(2) Common Defintion: The space in between a females twat and shitter.
(3) Pike County Kentucky Definition: uiowiu siuuwerb ubaiuas twat iu wousubrgb shitter iosiuriurg soiwoiuwe.
Mark:Do you know how many guys have seen her twitter!?

Tom: How many?
Mark: Bout tree fitty.
Tom: Whore.

Judd:Dude you know how many followers that chicks twitter has?!
Billy:Bout tree fitty.

Anatomy Professor: As you can see class, the female twitter is located here; right between the twat and the shitter.
Class: Oh, i see now professor!
by Macaque Tastes Great April 26, 2011
Basically it has the same functions as YouTube:

YouTube → Twitter

Subscribe → Follow
Subsribers → Followers
Posts → Tweets
Comments → Comments

However, Twitter does not give you the option to post videos, so it is not as cool, useful, or even important as YouTube.
Twitter is so idiotic.
by bbtdgfan123 December 02, 2010
A place for followers, literally.
"I'm gonna go see Jessica Albas twitter, because I totally know her in real life and want to know what she is doing, because I'm a follower."
by Lozai January 25, 2010