It sounds really funny when important people say it. (Newscasters, old people, family, ex.)
"they found troubles in the exploratory phase of their Twitter experiment, but others have fully incorporated the application into their day-to-day operations now"

parental figure: my colleague showed me what twitter was today so i typed in your name what's all this smoking blunts and drinking forty's?
by Terry Tibbs TALK TO ME August 19, 2009
what your dick does after you cum. according to dustin motherfucking price motherfucking campbell
Did your dick just twitter?! please dont tell me you got me pregnant.
by Armychica131 June 30, 2009
A waste of life
Sir Alex Ferguson: "Twitter is a waste of life"
by twastes February 03, 2014
Noun: An additive attention vacuum that makes its users unable to complete homework. Has also been known to disrupt normal sleeping patterns.
Person: "I should do homework"

*turns on computer*

Person: "I'll just check Twitter real fast"

*spends the next hour not doing homework*
by (suck)cessful February 15, 2012
People who can't cope socially trying to be funny about politics.
Jeopardy host guy: People who can't cope socially trying to be funny about politics.

Jeopardy contestant: WHAT IS TWITTER?!

Jeopardy host guy: YOU HAVE FUCKING WON
by foxic_haste January 12, 2016
A place where weaklings can

a) ''Have their say'' for no one in their lives will listen to them
b) Feel closer to their idols (even though those idols couldn't give a rat's ass whether they live or die)
Cock womble: Log onto to twitter man!

Actual person: What?
Cock Womble: I wanna follow you.
Actual person:
Cock womble: Come on!!!
Actual person: I know people who listen to me and love me even when I talk shit. They're called friends. Not followers! Friends!!! And so I see no need to post my thoughts on a silly website where many people will just scroll up anyways subsequently making me feel like an insignificant spec on the horizon. FUCK YOU, YOUR TWITTER, AND EVERYONE IN YOUR HOUSEHOLD!!!
Cock womble: ...
by Zam89 January 21, 2015
passive aggressive pissy angry village of spoiled brats and people who think they're famous (under 140 characters).
"Let me add you on twitter.."
by F.E.Shoebash October 15, 2014

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