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3 definitions by BeeRBee

1. A great movie starting Omar Epps
2. The best two games know to man!
1. Have you seen Love and Basketball yet, its the best movie ever made.
2. Shesh, the only games I will get involved in is Love and Basketball.
by BeeRBee May 21, 2009
A place for aspiring stalkers!
Everyone on twitter says to "follow me" --- Stalkers fallow people...
by BeeRBee May 20, 2009
A female who becomes a fan, or likes something for the fallowing reasons;
a.to impress someone
b.to fit into a crowd
c.to piss someone off
d.Because the team wins a lot (related to sports)

This person normally dose not know anything that they are talking about but think they do
She hated basketball until she started dating him and now she loves the Lakers, but when she watches a game she has to ask whats going on the entire game, that girls a bandwagon bitch.
by BeeRBee May 20, 2009