One of the most annoying and awesome things on earth. On one hand you have this awesome person who looks just like you,and there a friend that's always there for you. But at the same time you have to live with constantly being thought of as twins and its pretty hard to shake that off and become your own person. It's fucking annoying when your a twin and the teacher is like how your brother/sister? Are you two fraternal? It kinda sucks to not be your own person sometimes.
Person One: Wow anna seems so awesome and unique.
Person two:Yeah,sucks that she's a twin and she can never talk to people without the words "Twin" in it.
Person One: Wow sucks for her.
by The only sane one December 28, 2007
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What a woman says when referring to her breasts.
"Man, the twins almost came out of my shirt to say hi!"
by tw-nnz March 21, 2003
Another one of the many referances to balls, testicals cherries or big round things between a guys legs
OMG that fuck nugget just punched me in the twins! omg i was climbing over that fence and i tore my nutsack on it and my twins jumped out and escaped
by Zack Herrell May 02, 2006
Refers to balls, aka testicles.
I like it when you lick big Jim and the twings
by Jodayo July 20, 2003
A very good friend with similar interests or characteristics.
What up twin, you down for tonight?
by joker75 May 16, 2006
20 dollars worth of weed (2 grams)
if u pitch in 5 extra dollars, we can get a twin
by Melvin_flynt_da hustla November 13, 2003
Twins are everyman's dream as he sees two amazingly hot girls ready to make his night.
Dude1: Yo I had a tight dream.

Dude2: About what?

Dude1: Twins!

Dude2: I wish I had that man.
by macdaddy101 April 23, 2009

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