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see: hilary duff

hilary has no talent; she can't act or sing.
"hilary duff is proof that you don't have to have talent to make it in the etertainment/music buisness."
by Heather June 17, 2005
400 146
hillary duff.simple plan.
hillary duff sux. simple plan sux. they both suck!!!!!!!!!!
by catherine March 01, 2005
217 111
someone that can't do anything - but we don't stop them and start laughing at them when they srew up
your just a talentless git
by Tom Ivens May 12, 2003
91 21
I'm talentless. I'm not worth anything. Someone shoot me.
by D-san August 18, 2003
112 64
Can't sing and think she's all that.
Nicole: I feel the wind blow through my h-ai-air. YOU CANT SING!!Stop singing out of ur nose at least. For gods sake
by Anonymous May 10, 2003
54 17
One of the most hated bands ever, check out their facebook:
10,000 of their fans are trolls for the talentless lame shit band.
by brokencyde are shit September 11, 2010
23 6
To be talentless is to endure a relationship with a sexually unattractive person, where talent refers to the fitness of your partner, and not your ability to pull a fox.
You may also be single, and therefore completely talentless.
Captain Scarlet: "Your lass is rough as fuck."
A Mysteron: "Argh, I am talentless."

by MISS PEEG February 13, 2009
14 15