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sperm + egg = zygote
also some extreme gamers are called "zygote"
they are know to 0wn their competition, in games like unreal tournament
i made a zygote with my wife, and we are gonna have a baby

zygote kick my butt in unreal today
by Dan Billford April 24, 2003
Zygote is a way to refer to very young people. Since the "real" definition of a zygote is sperm + egg; zygote is a slang version of referring to a very young person.

Often it is a more extreme version of the term "fetus," which is also used to describe young people.
Look at that little girl; she's not even yet become a fetus, she is a straight-up zygote.
by RobotLove February 22, 2012
A young jerk off. Usually a cousin of your friend.
"awww, why'd you bring Alex to the butt naked?, he's a zygote"
by ROBOTRON2012 March 18, 2009
A zygote is a cross between a zebra an a goat.

The rusult of a zebra and a goat left alone for to long.

What happens when a zebra and a goat walk through a teleporter at the same time.
The zoo just got a new born zygote.

Hey Jim don't leave that zebra and goat in the barn for to long!

(Mad Scientist) Muhuwaha I have created a zygote.
by Sergeant Jackman May 07, 2006
To stop reading the dictionary.
Matt, if you don't zygote, you're a nerd!
by Evil Zak July 26, 2003
a whore, or slut. someone who likes to fuck alot and gets pregnant
that girl is such a zygote!
by mart flushman May 01, 2005
A zygote is a female who is, to put it simply, damn fine. A zygote is a girl you'll point out to a mate when walking down the street, in a bar, on a bus, you name it pointing out a hot zygote is always appreciated, but make sure your right...

If by chance you call a zygote and she aint, the prefered procedure is to recieve (10 - her rating) punches. For example if she is a 2, and u, being a retard, call her a zygote then you SHOULD happily and gracfully recieve 8 full punches to the torso.
"DAMNN check it, zygote at 3 o'clock. Smokin body, what do you rate it?"
"oo nice a good 9.8, i like!!"


"Oh man zygote at 10 o clock"
"where? WHAT? Are you freakin kidding me?!?!"
"ohhh sh** sorry my bad"
"damn right its ur bad"
*smack* *smack* *smack*
by Devious (T) May 14, 2005
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