A twin is the one person you absolutly can't stand, but can not live with out. They are always there for you. Always annoying you. The one person you have the closest connection with. You share the same blood, same ideas, same qualities (at different intensity levels), however is usualy the opposite of you with the exception of own personality quarks. Is your sibling, your best friend and worst enemy. Your twin. Your brother or sister. Born at the same time you were. Uncomparable, death contributing love.
I can not stand my twin!

My twin is my best friend.

I love my twin.

If my twin does that one more time, I will hurt someone!
by TheTwinster March 30, 2011
A fertilized egg is a zygote. Twins can come from the same egg that splits by meosis. Identical twins come from the same egg and are the same sex, but are not clones; personality and many other things are different including mental and physical illnesses. Fraternal twins come from seperate eggs and can be different sexes.
When two twins compete, one is usually a little to a lot better than the other.
by Twin Towers2 May 17, 2010
Twins are 2 people with the same set of genes if identical, but they can also be unidentical and of the opposite sex to each other. A lot of the time twins think that because they have each other they don't have to tell their best friends their secrets and problems. Often one twin overpowers and takes control of the other twin and therefore in schools they are often separated so they can grow as induviduals, but when this doesnt happen they can often bully and intimidate others. These are often the sets of twins that grow into old age living in the same house and dressing in the same clothes.
Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen are identical twins

When people are separated in schools they are in separate classes and never share the same class and classmates
by ilovethetruth94 August 05, 2009
Verb: to bounce; leave; to roll up out of
Rima: This party's whack
Samar: Yeah, let's twin.
by Samar and Rima April 17, 2008
Yet another stupid thing that white males say to each other to somehow bond or show how macho they think they are. This word can easily be replaced with 'beer', 'beef' or 'football' for the same effect.
White Male #1: Hey man, TWINS!!!
White Male #2: Fuckin' A!!! TWINS!!!
White Male #3: I know man, TWINS!!!

(White Males #1-3 have now bonded and can start drinking together)
by Grackle June 17, 2009
This person does not have to be related to you by blood. They are someone you cannot live without. You've made that instant connection and it's over. Twins for life. You may get angry or upset at them but they'll always have your back and love you for who you are. You can tell them everything or you can tell them nothing, but they'll understand you regardless. You're more than friends, but less than the other.
Twin 1: "I love coke."
Twin 2: "Oh me too!"
Both: "Twiiiiins!"

And it goes uphill (or downhill) from there.
by TowelFree October 09, 2011
(The) Twins. Two talentless idiots whom brought about the fall of the X-factor. (also see Jedward)
"why are The twins STILL in the finals!?" or "The twins are ruining the show, Im not watching X-factor anymore!"
by Luciacatz November 17, 2009

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