"Twins" is what you say when you meet someone with a wristband or handstamp the day after attending a bangin rave or club.
Zoey runs into a stranger with a GitD wristband from Avalon at Starbucks, points to wrist: "Check it, twins"
by itsallkizza June 12, 2011
(The) Twins. Two talentless idiots whom brought about the fall of the X-factor. (also see Jedward)
"why are The twins STILL in the finals!?" or "The twins are ruining the show, Im not watching X-factor anymore!"
by Luciacatz November 17, 2009
what pops out when the man came twice on creation night
Me: my girlfriend is gunna have twins
Friend: how do you know already?
Me: dude, i busted twice last weekend
by seamlesspants September 07, 2010
twenty sack of dope
You got a twin?
by dakota bongwater February 07, 2004
Jason Collins of the New Jersey Nets
Twin locked down Shaq in the 2nd half.
by Ben Gleicher July 02, 2006
ur friend
what u call sum1 u dont know
see dun pimpin hook-up
what up twin
by YoungCali August 28, 2003
A twin is what I (John Paul) call a 20 dollar bill.
Joe: How much money do you have?
John Paul: All I got is a twin.
by tw-in October 09, 2003
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