To experience powerful hallucinations induced by psychadelic mushrooms/shrooms/magic mushrooms,LSD, Peyote cactus, or other hallucinogenic substances.
Damn that trip almost killed me!
by Acid God February 12, 2003
The most amazing man in the world. Named as such for being the third in his family lineage ({trip}le). Not extremely tall but just right. Loving, faithful, caring, sexy, perfect in all the right ways. Ususally enjoys the effects of particular plants and is probably allergic to furry animals. Always has trouble saying what's on his mind or expressing his feelings through words. Rolls a badass blunt/joint and always has the hook-ups.
person 1: "Hey where can we find someone to smoke with?"
person 2: "How about Trip? He's the best blunt roller I know!"
person 1: "Hells yes!"

girl 1: "So what's your boyfriend's name again?"
girl 2: "Trip."
girl 1: "That's weird. Is he perfect?"
girl 2: "Oh yeah....."
by Nipsycat September 25, 2011
TRiP or TRiP Supreme is a smokable incense that can be found in BP Gas Station. You have to be 18+ to buy it and its 1.5g back is 10$. And it makes you FUCKED UP! The couple times smoking it your heart beats faster and you can feel it in your chest. You feel like nothings real and you see weird hallucinations, you also can't focus really on anything depending on the person. But when you walk you feel like your in one of those videos where they show someone's drunk and everything is spinning.
Yo man I got a bag of trip

NIGGA! you better share that shit!

I will but dude this shit fucks you up!

Ya okay whatever.

-----Friend 10 minutes later-----

Dude.. Everything is sooooo... ahhhhh, I'm fucked up
by GrandRapids Finnest August 01, 2011
A meaningful motherfucker. The life of the party type. A Trip is usually an energetic species who thrives on friendship and fun. His magnetic personality and loyal friendship attracts the masses. People would literally eat Trips shit in order to stay in his circle of friends.
I need a damn trip in my life
by Cockslayer2000 August 10, 2014
short for Souf Side Stanford or the Triple S. The grittiest, dirtiest, don't fuck around hurriest ghetto of Stanford University, which is the southern region.
Break yo self biiiitaaaachh. Don't you know you rollin through the Trip S?
by The Great El Luktio June 09, 2004
a liar
That girl just said the grass is blue. She is a Trip.
by gummybear10 October 19, 2011
A word used to define a LSD or other psychadelic drug experience.

Origin: Prof. Albert Hoffman first discovered the psychadelic properties of LSD after accidentally injesting the chemical. He started to hallucinate when riding his bicycle (hence the name 'trip') and continued to ride until he was sober, which created the famous holiday called 'Bicycle Day'
i was tripping balls last night
by dont have one August 01, 2006

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