to stumble and possibly fall
"oh man, the other day i lost my footing which caused me to trip"
by rachel ratchet June 04, 2006
A single dose of LSD
Hey can you find any trips?
by T-Science May 10, 2003
to dwell, or spend excess energy, on a topic or person for an unreasonably long period of time

infidelity; to cheat on
Don't even trip! It'll workself it out

I heard she was trippin' on him.
by rocksteady April 24, 2004
to take a drug and hallucinate
"you took a trip, and climbed a tree, at robert sledge's party"
by joy September 25, 2003
A girl who has had sexual relations with or more than 100 people.(In the triple digits)
Damn! Laurens had sex with so many guys. Shes a trip for sure.
by triplover November 06, 2009
- to like
- your journey
- good high

it varies in meaning from the way the word is used. it is mostly mean "to like"

Jason plays basketball, it's not my trip though.

It's your trip.

by Jazer February 07, 2008
a word said on accident by an asian. it'll soon rule the world though.
"Whoa, dude your hair is dang trip yo."
by chyeahkiddo July 28, 2008

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