In poker, any hand with the rank of three-of-a-kind. Also known as a set.
I drew trip Jacks on the turn, so I went all in.
by Dumb Woob September 29, 2004
An epic journey on drugs
I took a tab of acid, and awoke naked in a dewy meadow.

that was one good trip.
by sebastiancee October 28, 2007
the effects of a psychedelic or hallcinogenic drug. (LSD,2-CB,PCP,DXM,DMT,K,psilosybin (shrooms), a million more)
"I got a flashback from my acid trip last night."

"I was trippin' off DMT a while ago."
by kyoshira November 26, 2004
When you and everyone in a blunt rotation decide to do 3 hitz per pass(puffpuffpuffpass).
"You tryna do trips since there's only 3 of us?"
by Itshitzyabitch July 03, 2015
to overreact, gettin mad or angry wen aiint neccesairy.
mom, why you be trippin, calm down!
by baybee.cub May 16, 2006
To experience another reality on acid or shrooms.
I had this time loop trip where I walked out of the phone booth and into the car and everytime I got in the car, I was back in the phone booth. I walked up the stairs to go to the bathroom and each step was a layer of hell that lasted for an eternity until I flew out of the stairs in a spaceship.
by Tim March 13, 2003
something phenomenal, or unbelievable
Damn that's a trip, I can't believe she got into a car acciddent.
by JT172 July 20, 2006
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