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7 definitions by PeoplesMind

"Wisdom" or "Knowledge" in the Hindu taxonomy of nomenclature.
Nigga PLEASE, My name ain't Jim-bo, it's fuckin Nitin.
by PeoplesMind October 03, 2003
A journey which takes you to another reality.
LSD, Mushrooms, Ketamine, DXM, PCP, GHB, DMT, and other assorted psychoactives create trips.
by PeoplesMind December 22, 2003
Dextromethorphan, a beautiful drug found in common cough syrups, see dextroverse dot org.
I Love DXM.
by PeoplesMind September 10, 2003
A religion based on comsumption of dextromethorphan, a dissacioative drug.
Christanity is whack, try Dexalsim.
by PeoplesMind November 14, 2003
1) One who hangs around by the docks and/or helps with shipping via boats.

2) A song by the Grateful Dead
I went to South Port and saw a Wharf Rat.
by PeoplesMind October 12, 2003
Commonly confused with LSA, Lysergic Acid Amide(s) are a group of drugs, not a specific drug.
I Enjoy LSD, which is a lysergic acid amide.
by PeoplesMind October 03, 2003
A Formal Greeting in India
Namaste Babugee
by PeoplesMind October 12, 2003