to trip is to "accidently" kiss someone who is not nessacerally attractive
"alice did you see george yesterday?"
"yeah and i tripped" :(
by girlieee February 28, 2009
To attack ,jump , or rob someone in public with a group of people.
Son, I need some cash.Lets go "trip" on somebody!
by Justamazn July 06, 2006
enouther word for bitch
how's it going trip?
by amberrose January 29, 2008
A dirty male bimbo (mimbo if you will) that will have sex with any woman regardless of age, size, appearance, race, weight, deformity, etc.
Dude, I can't believe you hooked up with her. You are such a trip.
by Grazstrom November 30, 2005
Actually trip can refer to most any fdrug from acid and shrooms, to plain 'ol weed.
"whats your trip, I need another rip I need another rip" KMK
by Sean September 22, 2003
This is what 30 inch or larger wheels will be called when they are inevitably made available for passenger vehicles. The word comes from Tripple (i.e. 3 for 30) just as the word Dubs comes from Double (i.e. 2 for 20).
You got yo Dubs on yo Escalade, but I got Trips on my H2.
by Nick December 06, 2004
In the muscle car industry it is an engine that has three carburetors, typically arranged in a row on top of the intake manifold.
His GTO has a 389 engine with trips.
by goldbugfever February 18, 2009

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