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5 definitions by watzy

slang for any kind of hallucinigenic drug: LSD, shrooms, etc
yo man you got any trips for sale?
by watzy December 28, 2006
249 101
high on some kind of upper, coke, speed, ecstacy, etc.
this shit is fuckin great man, it had me all jacked up last night
by watzy December 28, 2006
71 46
take a cigarette and rub some cocaine on the filter, smoke it and it gives you a nice buzzz and a numby
yo that cokerette made my mouth numb as shit
by watzy December 28, 2006
4 0
to sell.
usually drugs.
let's buy a quarter and flip back 2 g's

"a-fro-man take a pound of bud and flip it like a pancake. buccccooooccc!"
by watzy January 03, 2007
12 9
get someone to get something for you.
sam tells dom to get him a beer.
dom gives sam a beer.
sam sold dom for a beer.
sam: i sold you for a beer

or you get someone to buy something for you
you sold them for whatever they bought you.

"yo sam just sold you for a beer"
by watzy December 29, 2006
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