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slang for totally.
that jacket is totes cool
by Micheal Mcgraw July 08, 2009
13 14
Short, radical version of totally.

Circa 2006 Sacramento, CA
Miles is Totes down to fuck!
by Industry's Finest August 02, 2011
3 5
a phrase that abbreviates the word totally.
yeah i agree, totes.
by Shadow_Caster November 20, 2010
3 5
When you want to say totally but dont want to spell out totally
Man That Waz RUDE!!!!1!

by Black Heart January 15, 2009
2 4
It's a thing that holds other things only there's more than one of them.
I recently inherited a large amassment of totes from my library surplus dealer.
by nombredepluma July 03, 2011
3 8
tote is describing a small container of alcohol like a pint or a half a pint bartons vodka half pint ( $2.00) Pint($4.00)
Steven: hey nigga let me get a tote
dude: whats a tote
Steven: a pint of bartons vodka
by rMC realest south Omaha,NE February 07, 2011
24 29
As "totes" (meaning 'totally') has been heard for years coming out of the mouths of dumb air-head Valley-girl types, it has now devolved into meaning any dumb young girl, especially the hanger-on types, which involves a bit of pun fun as it refers back to another more classic meaning on "totes" as in: a bag; also a hanger-on, groupie, camp follower. Also, just about any empty-headed woman, as in "papa's got a brand new bag!" *ding-a-ding-a-ding-a-ding- <big horn stinger!>
That idiot kutcher was seen with two blond 16 year-old totes that giggled the entire time he was standing there.
by parasvati October 12, 2011
9 16